Friday, September 23, 2011

Custom Vintage Car Show

    Monterey/Carmel Custom Car Show on the streets of Downtown Monterey, Ca


  1. They really did it on the streets, eh? I wonder how many people, especially those who were just passing by, stood and checked out these cars for a while. I'm pretty impressed with the green flames on that orange car! The color combination made the car look like it was on fire!

  2. That yellow Chevrolet is a real beauty! Just look at that bright aura! With that sleek exterior and golden engine, the car surely

    looks very precious and classy, not to mention a little pricey as well.

  3. Well, I am sure these classics drew a lot of people’s attention. Even those who are not really into car shows may have been also attracted by these amazing cars. It’s very unusual to see cars like this on an ordinary day. The bystanders must’ve been really lucky!